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Branz Mega Kuningan
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Branz Mega Kuningan - All Japan Quality

To deliver a perfect quality of residence, high quality residential development of “BRANZ” begins with the urban planning and uses Japanese high quality in the building.

Future City – Mega Kuningan
Located in Jakarta’s CBD, Mega Kuningan is a place where the development is progressing. The future of Jakarta will be realized here.

Branz Mega Kuningan

Relieve your exhaustion with an oasis in front of your home


Branz Mega Kuningan is a house filled with water and greenery – an “Oasis” in the city.
You can live a peaceful life while staying in the heart of the city.

Brnaz Mega Kuningan - Tokyu Land
Property Management :
Contractor + Architect :
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A Prime Location & Access

  • Located in the Golden Triangle of Jakarta, Branz Mega Kuningan exists in one of the most prestigious area in CBD.
    With the excellent location that is close to high ways, MRT & LRT.
    Branz Mega Kuningan is very convenient for commuting.
  • To make sure our residences are healthy and fit, BRANZ Mega Kuningan is located near to hospitals with the best service in the area.
  • Strategically located near famous shopping malls nearby, Branz Mega
    Kuningan is convenient for every day life.
  • Luxurious office and big companies are gathered Mega Kuningan area, just within a walking distance from Branz Mega Kuningan.
L a y o u t
Branz Mega Kuningan - Siteplan
Site Plan
Branz Mega Kuningan - Low Zone
Floor Plan - Low Zone
Branz Mega Kuningan - Middle Zone
Floor Plan - Middle Zone
Branz Mega Kuningan - High Zone
Floor Plan - High Zone
Layout - Studio A-D
Layout - Studio A-D
Layout - 1 BR A-B
Layout - 1 BR A-B
Layout - 1 BR C
Layout - 1 BR C
Layout - 2 BR A-B
Layout - 2 BR A-B
Layout - 2 BR C
Layout - 2 BR C
Layout - 3 BR
Layout - 3 BR

Upper Structure

: Reinforced concrete pile
: Reinforced concrete structure



: Solid engineered wood door with PVC finish
: – Plaster with paint finish
  – Porcelain tile (bathroom)
: Ceiling board with paint finish


Master Bedroom
Living Room
Dining Room
Service Area

: Wood vinyl flooring
: Wood vinyl flooring
: Marble
: Marble
: Porcelain tile
: Ceramic tile


Water Purfier (Toclas)
Counter Top

: Kitchen stove range hood (Franke)

: Granite




: Wall-mounted Type


: Built-in on Main Bedrooms
  (without Walk-through Closet)

DISCLAIMER CLAUSE: While every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this brochure, the developer and its agents cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. All statements are believed to be correct but are not be regarded as final statements or representations of fact. All information and specifications are subject to changes as may be required and cannot form part of an offer or contract. All plans are subject to any amendments approved by the relevant authorities, Rendering and illustrations are artist impressions only and cannot be regarded as representation of fact. Floor areas are approximate measurements and subject to final survey.
Branz Mega Kuningan - Towers
Branz Mega Kuningan - Towers
Branz Mega Kuningan - in the Future City
Your future city is here - Mega Kuningan
Branz Mega Kuningan - Progress July 2019
Progress - November 2019

Construction Kick-Off Event
August 2019


Unit Price / Harga :

Starting + Rp. 58 million / sqm (excl. PPN)*

Unit Size
Studio : + 28 sqm (nett)
Starting + Rp. 1,77 billion (excl. PPN)*

1 BR : + 52-68 sqm (nett)

2 BR : + 64-76 sqm (nett)

3 BR : + 117 sqm (nett)

for price details, please contact us

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Easy Payment Methods

Term of payments
Installment 24X : DP 20% (2X), 80% (24X)
Installment 36X : DP 20% (2X), 80% (36X)
Balloon Payment :
DP 10% (2X) , 45% (36X), 45% (Cash or KPA)

(updated : December 2019)

notes: price, availability unit, and term of payments are
subject to change without prior notice

Branz Mega Kuningan – MAP

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Marketing Gallery
Branz Mega Kuningan

Noble House Building 33rd Fl.
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav. E 4.2 , No. 2
Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12950

Want to get more info
(e-brochure, pricelist, terms of payment, etc.)
register to visit our show unit,

please Contact us..

Want to get more info (e-brochure, pricelist, terms of payment, etc.)
register to visit our show unit,

please Contact us ..

Get more info or visiting our show unit,
(pricelist, terms of payment, etc.)

Get more info or visiting our show unit,
(pricelist, terms of payment, etc.)
Marketing :  0811 945 0099
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Marketing :  0811 945 0099
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Berita seputar Branz Mega Kuningan

Desember 2018, JAKARTA – Tokyu Land Indonesia memperkenalkan proyek terbarunya yang akan siap diluncurkan pada awal 2019, Branz Mega Kuningan.

Presiden Direktur Tokyu Land Indonesia Keiji Saito mengatakan proyek residensial dengan merek Branz yang dikembangkannya kali ini tidak akan sama dengan proyek yang sebelumnya yakni akan terdiri dari dua menara, yaitu kondominium dan apartemen sewa. Adapun, proyek apartemen sewa tersebut merupakan proyek pendapatan berulang pertama yang digarap oleh Tokyu Land Indonesia.

“Meski pasar sewa saat ini memang diketahui menurun, kami belum mempunyai proyek yang memberikan revenue pada jangka panjang seperti apartemen sewa seperti ini, sehingga kami bangun proyek ini,” ujar Keiji usai Project Release Branz Mega Kuningan di Jakarta, Selasa (18/12/2018).

Keiji optimistis pasar sewa di sekitar Kawasan Mega Kuningan lambat laun akan kembali meningkat karena proyek tersebut dikelilingi banyak perusahaan multinasional dan kedutaan besar.

Branz Mega Kuningan merupakan proyek kerjasama antara Tokyu Land Indonesia dengan Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN) yang menyuntik pendanaan pada proyek sekitar Rp837 miliar. Sementara itu, total investasi keseluruhan proyek Branz Mega Kuningan adalah sekitar Rp2,5 triliun.

Proyek ini akan dibangun di lahan seluas sekitar 11.000 meter persegi dengan jumlah unit kondominium sebanyak 482 unit dan apartemen sewa sebanyak 240 unit.

Namun, Keiji mengatakan proyek ini masih belum memiliki harga jual yang tepat, yaitu sekitar Rp40 juta hingga Rp50 juta per meter persegi karena masih akan menggelar market research agar mendapatkan harga yang sesuai dengan pasar inginkan.

Branz Mega Kuningan akan terdiri atas dua menara kondominium setinggi 45 lantai dan apartemen sewa setinggi 35 lantai yang juga akan dilengkapi area komersil seluas 2.000 meter persegi.

Proyek yang menggunakan konsep All Japan tersebut akan menggunakan, desain, pengembangan, kontraktor, dan pengelola apartemen dari Jepang dan merencanakan akan melebarkan jalan di sekitar proyek.

Branz Mega Kuningan ditargetkan akan dimulai pengerjaannya pada kuartal kedua 2019 setelah pemilu dan rampung pada 2023.


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